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The GitHub Jobs Platform I Wish Existed

GitHub has a paid job board service where for $450 you can list a job ad for 30 days.

Last time I checked they had 138 active job listing.

If you do a quick math that translates to about $745k a year. Not bad for a side business!

Now if you are making $745k a year with a service that probably requires little to no maintenance you would probably just forget about it and collect the checks every month.

While I think that often simple and boring services are the ones that make good money, I feel like that GitHub Jobs could be the hiring platform to go for developers.

The GitHub Jobs Platform I Wish Existed

A few nights ago I dreamed of a social hiring platform that would make OSS a bit more sustainable and yet be profitable for GitHub.

This platform would be integrated with GitHub and would allow companies to source developers that maintain FOSS projects that companies use to build their businesses.

Companies would sign-up (business model tbh), insert their project’s package.json and the system would go and find contributors that have the “available for hire” option enabled on GitHub.

These leads are super valuable and relevant and with this system companies would be able to find developers with proven track record, easily.

The company would be able to reach out to developers and would commit to allow them to work on OSS for 30-50% of their time. This would be negotiated privately.

By allowing the developer to continue to work on relevant OSS, companies could attract top notch devs with great and relevant backgrounds that they otherwise wouldn’t easily get.

Clearly the challenge here is to convince companies that investing in OSS is worth it.

Another issue I see is that companies would be in this awkward position where they’d allow this person to work 30% on OSS while other employees aren’t.

It Was Just a Dream

While this is probably a terrible business idea, I wish we lived in a world where such a hiring platform was extremely successful.