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Giuseppe Gurgone

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JavaScript and Web Engineer with a decade of industry experience.

Diligent, accountable, forward thinking, pragmatic, empathetic team player.

Currently interested in JavaScript and Product/Design infrastructure (tooling, frameworks, libraries and design systems), leadership and management roles.

Remote only.


  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Computer Science, University of Catania (Italy)

    Research thesis in security: WATA 3.0 design and implementation of a remote correction tool for authentic but anonymously written exams.


  • Open Source Work

    For more work please check out github.com/giuseppeg

  • Senior Frontend Engineer, PSPDFKit GmbH (Remote/Vienna, AT)

    PSPDFKit for Web is a rich and complex web application (SDK and PDF viewer) built with a modern stack: React, modern EcmaScript, FlowType, CSS Modules, WebAssembly, Elixir, Redux, ImmutableJS, Jest, Puppeteer, react-testing-library.



    • Worked on and shipped 71 public releases of the SDK with a team size that over time fluctuated between 2 and 6
    • Led roughly 50% of the features’ technical design, developent and project management
    • Implemented the client-side part of a long polling-based synchronization system that the SDK uses for realtime collaboration
    • Implemented high-impact performance optimizations in the SDK including an initial code-splitting strategy for server and standalone (WebAssembly) based installations, improved the loading time of standalone (WebAssembly) installations, virtualized document rendering
    • created a real-world WebAssembly benchmark
    • successfully on-boarded and mentored three engineers (on a team of seven)
    • helped refining the hiring process for web engineers
  • Senior Frontend Engineer, Grape GmbH (Vienna, AT)

    Engineer in the Grape Web Chat client team.

  • Trial/Contractor JavaScript Engineer, Automattic Inc. (Remote)

    Did an on contract project for Automattic Inc. – the company behind WordPress.com

    Implemented a tool to collect usage stats for React (UI) components.

  • Frontend Engineer, Yelp Inc. (San Francisco, USA)

    Engineer in the product (web) team.


    • Maintain and improve the codebase for all of Yelp’s user-facing sites
    • Mentor new hires and interns
    • Maintain Yelp’s Styleguide
    • Code in Python, JavaScript, SCSS and HTML
    • Write Unit and Selenium tests


    • Rebuilt the photo and video galleries pages for yelp.com
    • Revamped the frontend for yelp.com/talk
    • Worked on and shipped the new user profiles on yelp.com
    • Led many of the decisions about Yelp’s public style guide
    • Successfully onboarded and mentored two interns and two new hires
    • On my second year I joined Yelp’s team leaders community
  • Solo Lead Frontend Developer, Graduateland ApS (Copenhagen, DK)

    Led the frontend development of the previous version of Graduateland, the largest job portal for students and graduates in Europe.

    Responsible for the design and development of a large scale platform which consists of graduateland.com and the job portals of 15 universities.


    • Rebuilt the frontend architecture of the platform from the ground up, introducing modular CSS, JavaScript and HTML components
    • Scaled the UI system to adapt and fit 15 branded copies of the job portal site
    • Designed and built a PJAX-like based navigation system
  • Independent Fullstack Developer

    Worked on a number of private client projects including sanraffaele.it which is a top of the class university hospital in Milan, Italy.


Residence: Vienna, Austria
Nationality: Italian
Languages: English (fluent), Italian (mother tongue), German (learning)

Contact Information

DM me on Twitter https://twitter.com/giuseppegurgone