Giuseppe Gurgone

Hello there! Please use this page to contact me about work opportunities.

Generally I prefer more engineering-centric projects rather than crafting UIs for products, therefore I am available for consulting and development in the following areas:

  • Frontend tooling and infrastructure, APIs and application architecture – I like to design and implement elegant solutions that solve problems and can scale
  • Library development (proprietary or open source)
  • Performance or codebase audits
  • Design systems and CSS tooling
  • Ethereum smart contracts (Solidity) development and web3 tooling
  • Technical oversight and team guidance, leading groups of engineers
  • Frontend development and React centric training

My main programming languages are TypeScript, JavaScript, Node and Solidity. I have extensive experience and deep understanding of how React, Next.js, Remix and many other popular solutions work.

See Examples of Work
  • Helped DatoCMS building their structured text (documents) solution. Details →
  • Worked on an optimization for a Babel plugin that made it 5x faster resulting in considerable increase in development speed for the client. Details →
  • Built an SDK for's embedding functionality
  • Worked with AMBOSS to improve their testing infrastructure and Quality Engineering processes. Details →

Let me know about your project and let’s talk: