Giuseppe Gurgone

Senior JavaScript and Web Engineer with a decade of industry experience and available for consulting and freelance collaborations.

If you want to hire me, just let me know about your project and let’s talk:


These days I am mainly working on tooling, architecture and JavaScript infrastructure, web application performance, design systems as well as consulting by offering technical oversight, guidance or leading groups of engineers through all the phases of a project.

In short, I am available for writing code if necessary, but considering my experience my value rather lies in guiding and advising your team and helping you figure out solutions that have a high impact on your business. That’s what I am most interested in doing.

With that being said, please let me know if you are seeking other types of help and I’ll be happy to discuss it!


Throughout my career I have lived in five different countries and worked for great companies and with great customers:

Yelp, Automattic, DatoCMS, Vercel, Swiss Red Cross, PSPDFKit, Graduateland.

Some of my open source work runs on world-class websites like TikTok, Hulu, Nike, Vercel, Tencent News (

Over the years I have also built direct and privileged connections with engineers and leaders who work at Google, Facebook, Yelp, Uber, Netflix, Vercel, Twitter, Amazon and many more.

Open Source

Over the years, I have done highly impactful contributions to projects like SUIT CSS, Next.js, React Native for Web and many more.

My most successful open source projects are xm and Vercel’s styled-jsx which I co-authored.

I love to work in public on projects that have an impact on your business and the entire community.

For example the tech team at the Swiss Red Cross hired me to improve the performance of the PostCSS plugin for styled-jsx.

With this work the plugin is now ~5x faster!

The development build which previously took ~2.5 minutes now takes 29 seconds!

Hit me up if you want to sponsor my work or need help with an open source project.