How to Use a Custom Email Domain with Gmail for Free

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In this tutorial you will learn how to link a custom email address to Gmail so that you can receive and send emails using that address for FREE without having to pay for a GSuite subscription{:target="_blank"}.

With this method you can create as many Email addresses as you want!

The Goal

  • (Create) a custom Email address
  • (Receive) Redirect Emails sent to this address to (Gmail)
  • (Send) Setup Gmail so that we can send Emails as

Note that custom addresses can be used only for Email and won't be linked to your free GSuite services like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive etc. For that you would need to use your Gmail account.


  • Buy a domain. I buy mine on Namecheap{:target="_blank"}
  • Register a free Gmail{:target="_blank"} account

Create a Custom Email Address

Once you have bought a domain the registrar will provide you with a way to configure email forwarding.

With email forwarding you can create virtual email addresses using your domain and get the messages delivered to

Normally this is done by creating and associating an alias to a destination address.

In our case

The alias is the part of our custom email address that comes before and it can be what you want.

Please follow the instructions from your registrar page:

Once you have set up Email forwarding it is time to test it by sending an email to our newly created virtual email address e.g.

That's it 🎉

Note it might take a few minutes for your new email address to work.

Sending Emails from Alias in Gmail

We now want to send emails in Gmail using our virtual email address.

In this section we will see how to configure Gmail to add as many custom addresses as we want!


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