Privacy: hide your personal e-mail on GitHub

If you work on Open Source Software chances are that you are exposing your personal or work e-mail address to the public.

If you clone any public repo and you run git log inside of its folder you get a list of commits which includes the e-mail addresses of the authors.

ReactJS - sample commit history.

Don't get me wrong this is not a bug.

However, I don't know about you but, I am not comfortable with sharing my personal e-mail address with the entire World.

Then hide it!

GitHub has a feature to keep your e-mail address private and prevent it to show up in their website.

If you are worried about spam or have other privacy concerns you can always use a private GitHub address instead.

You can use the email address <username> for all operations supported by GitHub Flow in the browser.

Basically do the following from your terminal:

git config --global ""

Replace username with your actual GitHub username.

Finally turn on the feature in the GitHub e-mail settings page.

As a consequence of this operation your e-mail address will be in the git history too.

Fixing old commits

Keep in mind that the suggested changes will only affect new commits.

If you want to patch the entiry history of a repo GitHub has a simple tutorial that explains how to do so.

PRs and misc

I am not sure if you can patch Pull Requests to repositories of other people or orgs.

It might be possible to submit a PR with the fix but the repo owner should be cool with you pushing with --force I guess.

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