Tweet Wisely

The tweet below is spot-on

I have tweeted and deleted plenty of useless content.

Often this is due to the fact that Twitter is not a realtime messaging app but I nonetheless want to engage with the people in it more and more casually.

Sometimes it is because I don't think before sending out a reply.

Tweets instead are permanent short thoughts. Think of them as short blog posts.

The Secret of Tweeting Wisely

Recently I started to practice better and less tweeting.

The secret sauce seems to be to compose a tweet or reply and then stop and think:

Will this be relevant and valuable in 5-10 minutes? How about 1 day? 1 week? 1 month?

If the answer is Yes then I will press the button otherwise I will save to draft or discard.

To help myself with that I have also added a delayTweet feature to Refined Twitter Lite that sends the tweet after a countdown and allows you to abort the operation before the time is over.